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TTL(5v) to USB converter cable

A fast simple way to connect our handheld analysers to USB

A TTL level serial interface to USB converter cable, for connecting serial data at 5 volt logic levels to a computer USB port

Ideal for use with our SDA-02 or SDA-01 handheld analysers

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  • Enables an application program to receive and transmit serial data to and from a device operating at 5 volt TTL logic levels
  • The drivers provided make the USB port appear as a standard serial port, i.e. it will appear to application programs as "COM3" or "COM4" etc.
  • Allows any of our handheld analysers to be connected to the USB port on a PC to facilitate the download of stored data
  • Enables serial connection to a PC not fitted with a standard RS232 COM port (e.g. a notebook sized PC)
Normally downloading data from a model SDA-02 or SDA-01 handheld serial data analyser to a PC requires the PC to be fitted with a standard RS232 serial COM port. The drivers supplied with this USB adapter cable make a PC's USB port appear to a PC application program as a standard serial COM port, enabling communication to a handheld analyser even when a standard RS232 serial port is not fitted. (e.g. notebook and laptop sized PCs)
Technical summary (see data sheet for further details)

Speeds (baud rate)

Handheld analyser: supports download at any speed from 300 bps upwards to which the handheld analyser can be set. (However note that for earlier model SDA-02 analysers capable of 115200 bps (serial numbers 97217 to 97253) the maximum download speed with the USB cable is 57600 bps)
Third party equipment: supports any speed from 300 bps to 3Mbps, i.e. includes non-standard speeds  

PC driver software

Supplied with Microsoft WHQL certified drivers for Windows 98, ME, 2000, Server 2003, XP and XPx64
Drivers for MAC OS, Linux, and Windows CE available online

PC USB ports

Compatible with ports to standard 1.1 or 2.0

Connection to
handheld analyser

Direct, using three 2mm plugs, (Rx, Tx & 0V) providing a 5 volt logic (TTL) connection to the front panel of the analyser 

Use with other products

Provides a PC serial port connection for third party products that have a 5 volt TTL logic (not RS232) serial connection, and do not require RS232 type control lines

Power supply The USB cable includes hardware built into its USB connector (the advanced FTDI FT232RQ i.c.). This is powered from the USB port it is plugged into, so no external supply is needed
Cable length 1.8 metres (6 feet)
Operating and storage

The cable is designed for dry indoor use and storage only. The operational ambient temperature range is -40 to +85 degrees C. (i.e. suitable for automotive and industrial environments)


CE and FCC approved

Further technical information
Data Sheet (218KB) >>

Installation and Operating Instructions (619KB) >>


What's included

Converter cable, drivers & documentation on CD, printed 32 page installation & operating instruction booklet, 12 months warranty, lifetime support by phone or email

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