Analyser upgrades

Firmware upgrades for handheld analyser models SDA-02 and SDA-01
Our handheld serial data analysers have the ability to be upgraded with new operational features after they have been sold. This is achieved by means of “firmware upgrades”, released by New Forest Electronics every few months.

Wherever possible, the latest features added to the analyser are made available for earlier models. For instance, timestamping can be added to any model handheld analyser, including the original SDA-01.

Sometimes particular features cannot be added, because the earlier models do not have enough program memory or appropriate circuitry. Please see the table below, or contact us to confirm what is possible.

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The standard procedure is to return your analyser to us, and we will fit the upgrade and carry out a functional test. Turn around is usually one working day, and the UK cost is £49 plus £8 for next day return delivery. (An upgrade is free for analysers bought within the last 12 months).

Alternatively, for overseas customers with basic technical resources, we can ship the firmware component with fitting instructions. This saves the analyser having to be returned to the UK.

Firmware upgrade table


SDA-02 SDA-02 SDA-02 SDA-01

Serial Number Range

97217 onwards 97187- 97216 97045-97186 to 97044
Hardware Features
(Cannot be changed)
115200 bps (baud rate) Yes Yes No No
Built in RS485 input Yes Yes Yes No
Firmware Features
(Can be added by firmware upgrade)
Online Download Yes No No No
Modbus over Serial Line Yes No No No
Additional download to PC information, ability to transmit test messages, change of speed on trigger, timestamping Yes Yes Yes Yes

Example: A handheld analyser model SDA-02 with serial number 97045 could be upgraded with the firmware features listed, except for Modbus over Serial Line or Online Download. However its maximum speed would remain at 57600 bps, because the new maximum of 115200 bps is a hardware feature.

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