Features included with the C1AP-100-S

1. NanoSec Converter - converts recorded timestamp readings from microseconds to nanoseconds
2. Hardware based MAC/IP filter with set-up tool - CRC error filter and CRC remover <more>

1. NanoSec converter - this unique technique converts timestamps displayed in microseconds to timestamps displayed in nanoseconds

The included program will convert the standard time to a high resolution time as originally captured during recording

Just 'drag and drop' the capture file into the converter window to get more precise timing for your protocol decodes

large view


In just two steps this feature helps to migrate pre-captured traces in pcap format on Wireshark to almost any analyser format of capture files with an accurate timing
This picture compares the native timestamp provided by a standard capture file with that after the conversion

It shows how the conversion changes the timestamp from being microsecond-based to being nanosecond-based

large view



2. Hardware based MAC/IP filter with set-up tool:

(i) CRC error filter - this option allows the decision to to keep packets corrupted by a CRC error and exclude them on the upstream to an Analyser during your analysis

(ii) CRC32 remover - this feature allows the TAP to truncate this information from the frames upstream to an analyser during your analysis

(iii) MAC/IPv4 address and protocol filter - a straight solution. You decide the way the filter should work, creating an excluding or including filter. You may combine all filter options to one filter, i.e. protocol type plus one MAC address plus IP address (or range)










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